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Wood Chopper

Self-walking-typed 4x4 A90 Automatic Feeding Wood Chopper Self-walking-typed 4x4 A90 Automatic Feeding Wood Chopper
DIMENSIONS : Length 230cm, Width 122cm, Height 136cm.
WEIGHT : total weight 830kg.
TRAILER WEIGHT : for plat ground:500kg; for mountain road:250kg.
ACCESSORY : a light can be mounted for night operating.
WOOD CHOPPING ABILITY : Wet wood with diameter 90mm, entrance width 300mm,entrance height 150mm.
SPEED : Main speed range:3 forward shifts and 1 backward shift, 2 auxiliary shifts, maximum climbing angle 12 degrees.
ENGINE : one cylinder direct-injection diesel engine, 16HP, water cooling electrical starter or hand-cranking starter.
TRANSMISSION : four wheel-drive, four wheel-turning with a hydraulic power steering handle, four wheel drum-typed brakes with a brake handle.
BLADES : diameter 180mm, made by tungsten carbide steel, 57 blades, and detachable (patent pending).
AUTO FEEDING : hydraulic fluid capacity 6 litters, hydraulic motor 50cc/r, with clockwise or counter-clockwise manual adjusting valve and speed regulator.

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