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Trading Company of Recycling Equipment and Systems


We offer various waste recycling machines and system. We also buy plastic material, plastic waste and rubber products.

Koei Business Service

product1 product2 super200 operation
Aerosol Can Crusher Model Super200

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product3 product4 product5

product6 product7 product8
We export recycled plastic (natural pellet, etc.)

We offer more options for recycling machines. Please contact us.
Recycling Equipment
 Simplified aerosol (spray) can piercing device movie
 Fluorescent Lamp Crushers
 Glass (Ceramic) Crushers
 Plastic Crushers
 Industrial Shredders
 PVC Pipe Crushers
 Medical Waste Processing Machinery
 Aerosol Can Crushers
 Wood Chopper
 Oil Filter Crusher. Pail Can Crushers  
 Waste Tire Shredders and Crushers
 Automobile Bumper Crushers
 Sea Shell Crushers  
 Cut-off Machines, Grinding Machines
We buy and sell recycled products and material
Various plastic materials/rubber materials (Virgin/OG/recycled)* (import/export)
The items we deal with (import/export)
Various plastic materials (Virgin/OG/recycled) *Pellet
  (LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE, PP, PET, PC, TPU, EPS, HIPS, GPPS, PMMA, PVC etc.) *Virgin (genuine product) / Off Grade (OG) / Recycled
Various rubber materials (synthetic rubber)
  (EPDM, NBR, SBR, SSBR, BR, IR etc.) * Virgin (genuine product) / Off grade(OG)
Various scraps (Onry OG products)
  Natural OG materials (powder/crushed etc.) flowing out from production process at various manufacturing factories.
etc. Glass fiber virgin material (genuine product) / Off grade

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